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Re: Crown Tourney Results Continued

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

many waters cannot quench love wrote:

> um, that would be LORD ragnar blackhammer, thank you. :)  the herald left
> it off announcing us, too - not blaming you, dominus herveus, i realize
> things were probably really hectic out there - and i was a bit perturbed.
> (on the other hand, rags was just amused - i suspect it would take
> something on the order of a nuclear attack to perturb him.)  anyway, you
> might want to check your records - i can find out when/where he was
> awarded arms, if that would help you any...
> anyone trying to flog the it's-just-a-cookie horse off this post will be
> consigned to /dev/null.  i mean it. :)

Umm, it was NO MISTAKE, my lady.  He is not in the OP, at least under that name.  In the OP I have several Ragnars with an AoA: Ragnar of 
Anglesea, Ragnar of Bedford, Ragnar Thordarson and Ragnarr Thorwaldsson.  Is he perhaps one of these?  If so, it would be VERY useful to 
know this.

As I just noted to Janos, the fact that people with awards do not let me know about name changes, etc., has always been a major problem 
for me over the last five years (second only to royalty who either forget to keep records or forget to pass them on to anyone --- me 
Triton or the signet clerk --- so they can be recorded).  

Often people only worry about this on "formal" occasions like Crown Tourney and then react as if this were an intentional slight, as you 
seem to have done from the wording you use ("and i was a bit perturbed").  

Believe me, any such omission is not a question of slights or carelessness (the other senior heralds and I have spent literally many 
laborious hours trying to fill in blanks in the OP and trying to match names under which royalty recorded awards with names that the 
gentles have actually registered or are planning to register).

Looking forward to your assistance in clearing up the "Ragnar hole", I remain

Your servant,

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