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Re: Crown Tourney Results Continued

Poster: many waters cannot quench love <lisa@technomancer.com>

unto milady alisoun, from melys - 

> Umm, it was NO MISTAKE, my lady.  He is not in the OP, at least under that name.  In the OP I have several Ragnars with an AoA: Ragnar of 
> Anglesea, Ragnar of Bedford, Ragnar Thordarson and Ragnarr Thorwaldsson.  Is he perhaps one of these?  If so, it would be VERY useful to 
> know this.

ah-HAH!  "ragnar blackhammer" = "ragnar of anglessea" = "chuck kane" 
(mundanely).  do you need to know whether his name has been submitted /
approved yet?  i can easily ask him... 

> As I just noted to Janos, the fact that people with awards do not let me know about name changes, etc., has always been a major problem 
> for me over the last five years (second only to royalty who either forget to keep records or forget to pass them on to anyone --- me 
> Triton or the signet clerk --- so they can be recorded).  

*grin*  d'oh, busted!  i hadn't thought of that, but i can totally
understand where you're coming from - i didn't know he HAD a last name
until i saw it on the letter of intent. 
> Often people only worry about this on "formal" occasions like Crown Tourney and then react as if this were an intentional slight, as you 
> seem to have done from the wording you use ("and i was a bit perturbed").  

milady, i assumed no intent to slight whatsoever!  and i'm sorry if my
wording led you to believe such.  i was simply distressed that i had been
recognized in that manner while he had not; i assumed that it was an
honest mistake.  my error was in further assuming that the mistake was on
the part of the herald - for which i apologize. 
> Believe me, any such omission is not a question of slights or carelessness (the other senior heralds and I have spent literally many 
> laborious hours trying to fill in blanks in the OP and trying to match names under which royalty recorded awards with names that the 
> gentles have actually registered or are planning to register).

a service for which i am very grateful, and for which i'm sure you don't
receive nearly enough credit.  from the name changes i've seen amongst my
friends, i'd imagine the gordian knot would be simpler to unravel... 
> Looking forward to your assistance in clearing up the "Ragnar hole", I remain

i hope this does serve to clear it up.  i very much appreciate your
patience with my thoughtless assumptions...  i'll try to put this
particular clue somewhere visible, so i can find it next time. *grin*

						in apologetic service,


lisa lorenzin                  every normal man must be tempted, at times,
lisa@technomancer.com          to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
http://www.1000plus.com/lisa/  and begin slitting throats.  - h.l. mencken

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