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scrolls was (RE: Demotion (was Crown Results))

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

From:  roz@meridies.org[SMTP:roz@meridies.org]
Sent:  Wednesday, November 06, 1996 10:17 PM
To:  Becky McEllistrem
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Subject:  Re: Demotion (was Crown Results)

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996 06:48:26 -0800, Rhiannon, Nereid and 
Rebecca the Contrary wrote: (I'm not sure who wrote what)

>If someone moves in from another kingdom, it is their responsibility
>to advise the Clerk of Precedence of the awards/orders they
>received in the other kingdom. 
This makes sense.

>Well, almost..  Along these lines of discussion.  If you move it is also generally assumed that
>your scroll backlog moves with you.  If you have scrolls not completed, and are about to move
>to another kingdom it's considered a kindness to warn your previous and future Clerk of Signet
>of said move.  This way, any scrolls not done can then be assigned to your new kingdom.  
>(Some kingdoms don't manage backlog this way but most do.)   A card with the scrolls you've 
>not yet received,and your future address along with the notification that you are moving, would
>be ideal.  Hope that made sense!
I am afraid this makes no sense to me.  If I am due, say an Order of
the Bough  and an Order of the Velvet Owl (Kingdom level service and
A+S awards of Meridies), scrolls, and I move to Atlantia, you folks
are going to do the scrolls for me?

That's impressive.  I personally wouldn't expect that.

Actually yes.  I have scrolls from East and Middle on my backlog list as well.  Generally
we consider them as added to the Atlantian backlog list.  That doesn't mean they'll be done
soon but it is something that I should know about for eventual assignment.  

Meridies is a very different case.  Usually when you get a scroll in the Meridies, you get
the real thing done in court because in Meridies, they don't do anything but special requests
or peerages by hand.  Everything else, including kingdom merit awards like the Velvet Owl
are xerox copies of masters (mostly created by my laurel, Master Loren) and colored in.  They
may be painted in by hand or may be colored in with marker but they are generally not done
by hand.  My knowledge is about 4 years old but I believe this is still the case in Meridies.


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