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Re: MR: Wlonk

Poster: jonesj@SunBelt.Net (Phillip Jones)

On Wed, 06 Nov 1996 11:09:13 -0500, you wrote:

>Lord Phillip Bell responded:
>> >True, they are all consonants, but "b" and "p" are both labials while
>> >"w" is in another family.  Isn't it a de facto vowel anyway?
>I believe that "w" is a member in good standing of the labial family,
>on the bilabial side of the family (along with "b" and "p").

Thanks. This is outside of my area. Still, after sitting here trying
to sound the three letters, it seems that there is a huge difference
(and am I glad that there are no videos of my going "buh, puh, wuh"
for hours). Hey, can we turn this into a round chant for more ale?
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