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Re: Name Changes and AoA's

Poster: Bryn Watkins <bryn@tibinc.com>

>>Greetings from Eldred
>>>Scripsit Liam:
>>[...contact your Royals to get awards for people...snip...]
>>We should be hearing about an upcoming Atlantian Scriptorium soon.
>>Falcon Cree holds a regular calligraphy night on the second Friday...
>Windmaster's Hill (really Elvegast with one K'burger) holds a scriptorium
on occasional sundays.  We have a list of backlogged scrolls, and it is
enormous.  A few of them are from other kingdoms, and many of them are
not-new: for example, we found Sir Fern de la Floret's AoA from the Middle
Kingdom on the list.  I know that's at least 12 years ago, probably much
more.  She thinks it's quite funny, too.  
>I try to go to the windmaster's scriptorium, but since I'm the lone
K'burger, I'm often not told when they happen :(.  Oh well.  I know, I could
work on scrolls myself, but somehow that doesn't get done.
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