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RE: Disarming in the Presence

Poster: "Barclay, Peter" <BarclayP@lee-dns1.army.mil>

Greetings to the Merry Rose from Master Terafan,

Alfredo writes....

>>>Since Ld Henry presumably has an AoA, his practice would fit in with
>the curious (to my ears) Atlantian paradigm.
>>>How about someone like me, who got his AoA from a foreign king,
>but who now holds himself a loyal subject of Atlantia?
>Am I to be trusted with a weapon near the Crown?
>Or should I wait until I've received some honor on Atlantian soil?

If you hold yourself a "loyal subject of Atlantia" then only you can
answer your question.   Are you to be trusted with a weapon near the
Crown?   I would think so, until you prove otherwise.   

The way I interpret the entire thing is similar to Henry's...   
	Is the king so lousy that he fears harm from his own subjects, such
that they must remove the accouterments of nobility, namely swords and
daggers?   Is the loyalty of an Atlantian subject held in such low
regard that he/she is required to remove such?  While other kingdoms may
experience this in their populace/royalty, in Atlantia, I feel that we
do not.

While I used to frequently carry various accouterments, I now often find
that they are cumbersome, except for small daggers.  I also think that
if the Kings champion and/or guards are doing their jobs, they would
notice any act of harm towards Their Majesties and react before the
attackers blade even cleared.  

>Master Terafan Greydragon		barclayp@lee-dns1.army.mil
>Brewer, Fighter, Brewer, Autocrat, Brewer, etc
>Barony of Caer Mear
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