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Re: Disarming in the Presence

Poster: Mlonski@aol.com

Bemused greetings from Aedan,

I've never been a Royal Peer nor do I play one on stage but
I have stood behind quite a number of monarchs (5 out of
the last 6) as a Queen's Guard.

The prevailing attitudes that I remember were...

  a)  Why should I (the monarch) fear my subjects?
  b)   If there is a problem, that's what the guards are for in the
        first place.
   c)  Remember how I got here in the first place?  Why worry?
   d)  This scepter (or whatever) is really scary.  Do you really want
        to threaten me while I am holding it?  (This last is due to at
        least 2 different queens who loved swinging that mace/scepter
        around and just looked for an excuse to use it.)

Any former/current Crown's want to comment??

Aedan Aylwyn
Chief-Baby Sitter and "Atlantian Rapier Thug" (tm)
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