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Smoking on the field

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Dafydd says Yo!

Eldred writes:

> Having a law does
> not guarantee that it is enforced.
> BIG HAIRY EXAMPLE:  Atlantian Kingdom Law specifically
> prohibits smoking in any of an event's main areas.  Yet on
> a regular basis, I see Marshals and fighters light up in the
> middle of a tourney field.  I haven't heard of anyone being
> brought up before a Court of Courtesy or Chivalry for it.

That would be using a sledgehammer on a tack, wouldn't it?

The smoking law, like the "no flash photography in Court" law, is
a don't-be-a-jerk law.  Any attempt to enforce such laws in a rigid
fashion means the enforcers have to act like jerks also.  Since most
of us (smokers and non, flashers and flashed) don't want to think of
ourselves as jerks, any "enforcement" is usually left to someone going
up to the offending party and quietly asking them to refrain or relocate.

As is not surprising, the southern (tobacco-producing) parts of the
Kingdom are much more cigarette-smokey than the northern parts.  North of
Richmond I am rarely engulfed by a cloud of someone else's smoke.  In
South Carolina it is more common.

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