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RE:Escorting Ladies

Poster: David KUIJT <kuijt@umiacs.umd.edu>

Alianora wrote:
> For what it's worth, I think the custom of escorting ladies into court is a
> fairly new one.....

And Anne Elizabeth responded:
> The custom is at least 12 years old..... [personal example deleted]

Both ladies are correct.

I have seen ladies be escorted into court in Atlantia from ancient times.
HOWEVER, as a custom (regular and expected occurrence), it is fairly new.
When I saw it while I was on the throne, it was exclusively in the southern
parts of the Kingdom, due I believe to Meridian (or perhaps Ansteorran)
influence.  It is only very recently (last four-five years, perhaps) that
it has become prevalent throughout Atlantia, and mostly because the
Monarchs in that period liked it, and encouraged their Guard to escort
ladies who would otherwise be unescorted.

As for myself, I am ambivalent about it.  To some extent, it takes away
from the spotlight.  By which I mean that calling someone into court is
usually a method of putting a spotlight on one person (usually as a way
of thanking or recognizing that person).  Having two people come up 
detracts from the "sole recognition" aspect, if only by a small amount.

As for the issue of the gentility of escorting a lady, I am not sure.
Of what, in truth, is this behavior a vestige?  We certainly do not
pretend that the lady is in danger of being assaulted on the path to
the thrones.  Neither do we usually believe that most ladies are incapable
of finding the thrones.  Although some ladies (and, in fact, some gentlemen)
require assistance kneeling and standing, that is not generally true.

The whole issue of escorting ladies into court reminds me a little of
something that happened when I was on the Throne.  At an event in the
south of the kingdom I was carrying my armour box to the field when I met
a fair and virtuous lady.  This lady became most distressed that I was
carrying such a burden, as I was the King and should not be doing manual
labour, so she courteously said as much and offered to carry my armour for
me.  Which I found very strange indeed, as my armour box weighed nearly as
much as this fair lady, who was slightly built and not tall, and if I had
accepted her kind offer she would have found herself quite unable to
fulfill her intentions.  I was more than a foot taller and nearly twice as
heavy as this lady, so I found the idea that she should carry my armour
box (rather than I, who was by nature better suited to the task) rather
humourous.  I hope I kept my mirth from my features, as she meant the
offer in all seriousness and she clearly found the idea of the King
carrying armour to be an assault on her sensibilities.

Well, I'm not sure that had a point -- if it does, I'm sure someone will
find it.  If not, just take it as an amusing anecdote.

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