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RE:Escorting Ladies

Poster: afcarey@norfolk.infi.net (anne carey)

Alianora wrote:
"For what it's worth, I think the custom of escorting ladies into court is a
fairly new one....." (cut to save space)

The custom is at least 12 years old.  I remember being rather disconcerted
when Duke Olaf gave me my AoA at Sheep Wars in Meridies.  Never having
encountered the custom, I was quite disconcerted when a gentleman (Duke
Barry before he *was* Duke Barry :D)  took my arm as I approached the
Throne and escorted me the rest of the way.  I remember thinking "doesn't
he think I can manage it on my own?" (I used to be a strong willed and
opinionated young thing :D)

 But in hindsight, I find the custom quite charming.

Anne Elizabeth
Stong willed and opinionated old thing

Anne Carey
Virginia Beach, Virginia              "Parenthood is not for sissies"

Anne Elizabeth
vert, a bend sable fimbriated or, between two Jerusalem crosses or

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