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RE: Escorting Ladies

Poster: Kevin of Thornbury <kevin@maxson.com>

Quoth the noble Sir Xenophon,

> Does the escort need to be an armed member of the opposite
> sex? No. In fact, I witnessed many peers escorting their apprentices
> into court and "presenting them" to the Thrones (a practice I personally
> enjoy for the sense of pagentry and realism).
> My personal feeling on the whole subject is that escorting a Lady into
> court should be looked upon in the same light as asking someone if they
> would like assistance carrying something. Simple courtesy which seems
> to flourish in the Society, helping to make the game more enjoyable
> for everyone (besides be a great way to flirt :-)

Indeed, I can take this a step (!) further.

	At this most recent Pointless War, I was honored to receive my
	Award of Arms from TRM Logan and Arielle.

	Though I was seated in the front row (I always enjoy court) and
	didn't have but a few steps to walk, when Herveus called my name,
	I asked my lady wife to escort *me* into court.

	I wanted her to share in the experience, and for everyone else to
	see the beautiful, gracious angel who supports me and inspries me
	to the kind actions that the award recognized.

	(And she wasn't bearing any weapons. :)	

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