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RE: Escorting Ladies

Poster: Alys of Foxdale <foxdale@wolfstar.com>

> Poster: Keith Vaughn <KVAUGHN@fcc.gov>
> Alianora wrote:
> "For what it's worth, I think the custom of escorting ladies into court is a
> fairly new one....." (cut to save space)
> The practice of escorting ladies also has to do with TRMs of the time. 
> For example HRH Cuan has long maintained that as a courtesy, all Ladies
> entering court should be offered an escort, if not by her Lord/Lady, than
> by a member of the royal entourage.

I am so very glad that someone has brought up the point that this is a
courtesy that should be OFFERED, not thrust upon someone.  And asking
first makes it possible for a lady to decline this courtesy, if she is
so minded, without making a scene.

  Now don't take this to mean that all
> ladies "require" an escort, but rather the offer should be made as a
> courteous gesture.  In fact, as many royal groupies from previous reigns
> can attest to, there are many Ladies who do not desire an escort, and in
> such cases none are forced upon them.

This is very true -- I know several ladies who are offended by the
implication (to their modern world-view) that they are incapable of
walking under their own power and representing their own interests
without the support of the almighty male.

  Having been a member of the
> entourage for the four consecutive reigns prior to the present (plus the
> preceding two reigns in Drachenwald), I have found that most Ladies
> enjoy the escort, especially when kneeling and standing in full court
> finery.

This is a very good point.  I have found that my knees frequently
don't unfold as well as they used to, and God help me if I'm ever
called into court while wearing my hoops instead of my T-tunic!

  Does the escort need to be an armed member of the opposite
> sex?  No.

Are there, then, ladies of the royal entourage who offer to escort
lords called into court?  This is, after all, the logical extension of
that thought.

  In fact, I witnessed many peers escorting their apprentices
> into court and "presenting them" to the Thrones (a practice I personally
> enjoy for the sense of pagentry and realism).
> My personal feeling on the whole subject is that escorting a Lady into
> court should be looked upon in the same light as asking someone if they
> would like assistance carrying something.  Simple courtesy which seems
> to flourish in the Society, helping to make the game more enjoyable
> for everyone (besides be a great way to flirt :-)

Precisely!  Courtesy is, in my opinion, more important than almost
anything else we do.  (And never let it be said that I quashed any
milieu for flirting! ;)

> Xenophon

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