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Poster: "Susan E. Juroff" <ted5sej@titan.vcu.edu>

I learned was in any way superior to the Atlantian custom.  If I wanted
to start persuading my fellow Atlantians to adopt any Eastern practices,
it certainly would NOT be the "disarm everyone in court" custom.  (It
would be the "let ladies enter court unescorted" custom.)

Overhearing the conversation at the nearby table, Susanna looks
up from her drawing and, concentration broken, stretches.

"Action creates custom, and inaction allows it.  Delightful and
comical and confusing, our society's customs are nurtured by our
conscious will or are preserved or forgotten by our neglect."

She motions to the tavern keep for one of Master Terafon's brew.

"It's all a matter of training."

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