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On outlandish foreign customs

Poster: Carol_O'Leary@ed.gov (Carol O'Leary)

     A few random thoughts on some of the foreign customs mentioned in the 
     Merry Rose these past few days --
     I was raised in the Eastrealm.  I can say for a fact that it has not 
     always been the custom there to disarm before entering Court.  Gyrth 
     and I published a letter in _Pikestaff_ in 1978, as King and Queen of 
     the East, saying that we felt secure in the loyalty and devotion of 
     our subjects, and that we felt no need to insult them by requiring 
     that they disarm in our presence.  As a Peer, as an armiger, or as a 
     loyal subject of the Crown, I would be seriously offended to know that 
     my King and Queen did not trust me to control my violent impulses in 
     their presence.
     If I am called into Court with my lord, or with my companions in any 
     of the several Orders to which I belong, I am delighted to enjoy their 
     escort.  If, however, I am called into Court myself, either to be 
     recognized for some service I have done or to answer for some error of 
     my own, I need no escort.  If I have been called to receive honor or 
     credit, then it is certain that I am competent; I do not need an 
     escort to lend me strength.  If I have been called to be taken to 
     task, I need no escort to share the burden I have rightfully earned.  
     And it is rare that our Courts are so large that I cannot find my way 
     to the Thrones all by myself.
     And I don't bow to furniture!  :-)
     Melisande de Belvoir 
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