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Bowing to the Thrones?

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Her Grace writes:

>      And I don't bow to furniture!  :-)
>      Melisande de Belvoir 

And I would certainly never suggest that she should.  However, I like to 
bow to the Thrones, even when they are empty, because it reminds me that 
courtesy is a Good Thing (TM), and that we are loyal to the Crown, which 
is an office, and not particularly to individuals.  The Thrones as such 
represent the Crown just as well has TRM do.

Atlantia as such has no real lands.  It has little property of capital 
worth, just some pretty regalia and some various furniture.  The only 
real thing of value Atlantia can claim is the loyalty and respect the 
populace gives to the Crown, Barons and Peers, and the loyalty these 
Personages return to the Populace at large and their households in 
particular.  That loyalty is the Capital which allows us to hold events 
and demos, conduct wars and universities, and continue to grow.

The size of the populace has nothing to do with the strength of our 
Kingdom.  It is the work the populace is willing to do for the Kingdom 
which is the measure of our strength.  Demonstrations of respect to the 
Crown, the Barons, and the Peers is a sign of that strength, and as such 
should not be discounted.

In Service,
Leifr Johansson
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