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Re: On outlandish foreign customs

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

Carol O'Leary wrote:

>      As a Peer, as an armiger, or as a
>      loyal subject of the Crown, I would be seriously offended to know that
>      my King and Queen did not trust me to control my violent impulses in
>      their presence.


And, while I seldom wear weaponry at all so do not have it on at court, 
when serving as ambassador from the East recently at Coronation, I made a point
of wearing a dagger fairly prominently when I entered court to present the compliments
of Their Majesties of the East.  And I would have done so whatever the local custom 
since I also feel it is an insult to Their Majesties of Atlantia to imply that they
are so insecure in person or persona as to require me to be disarmed. 

Bear in mind that most of those who started the disarming shtick long ago and in
kingdoms far away were affecting assassin or quasi-assassin personae at the time
(Yang the Nauseating springs to mind).

>      If I am called into Court with my lord, or with my companions in any
>      of the several Orders to which I belong, I am delighted to enjoy their
>      escort.  

But, when called in with my companions I do NOT expect to be subjected to an
escort by someone who is NOT a member of the Order.  That was, in fact, my 
introduction to the usage in Atlantia when I had just moved here in 1989: called in 
to participate in a ceremony with the Order of the Laurel, I found my arm firmly 
grasped by a gentle who was NOT a member of the Order who felt it incumbent upon
himself to escort me into court.

>      If, however, I am called into Court myself, either to be
>      recognized for some service I have done or to answer for some error of
>      my own, I need no escort.  If I have been called to receive honor or
>      credit, then it is certain that I am competent; I do not need an
>      escort to lend me strength.  If I have been called to be taken to
>      task, I need no escort to share the burden I have rightfully earned.
>      And it is rare that our Courts are so large that I cannot find my way
>      to the Thrones all by myself.

What she said.  She usd almost exactly the wording that I have on several
occasions since moving down to Atlantia.

>      And I don't bow to furniture!  :-)

Me too also!  There's a real good filk song about that. . .

(Gee, Mel, this may be the first time since about the time Aidan became
Queen of the East that we agreed so thoroughly and so publicly!)

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