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Re: Escorting Ladies

Poster: E L Wimett <SILVERDRAGON@Charleston.Net>

Stephanie Malone Thorson wrote:
> I personally find it
> quite difficult to get back to my feet from a kneeling position due to two
> really bad knees.  The process is not helped by long skirts, either, and I
> really do need help getting back up in court.  When I received my AoA from
> TRM Steffan and Twila, Steffan very graciously gave me a hand, without
> which I would either have toppled over sideways and/or had to go down on
> all fours just to regain my feet (which also would have involved much
> unladylike windmilling of arms, but I digress).  I have not noticed a
> great many other kings offering to help gentles (bad knees not being
> limited to ladies who took too many years of classical ballet as children)
> rise to their feet after the business which has brought them into court is
> finished.  On one particular memorable occasion in which I was called into
> a baronial court in the presence of the then king and queen, I nearly did
> fall over trying to stand up, and probably would have if Baroness Barbara
> hadn't caught hold of my arm in time.  OK, it wouldn't have been
> catastrophically injurious to my person, but it would have been as
> embarrassing as all get out, and it probably would have added another five
> minutes to court time, neither of which are particularly desirable things
> to my mind.

But there is a simple and elegant resolution to this: don't kneel.

I NEVER do.  Now I grant you that this is partly a matter of persona since
my earliest days in the Society.  

However, it is also a practical matter:
I wracked up my left knee when I was only 21 and more than half the time 
cannot rise from a kneeling position even with the aid of an old-fashioned
Roman Catholic prie-dieu.

And, if anyone claims offense, I point out that for my persona in period, 
failure to stand erect before my king and meet his eye firmly might and well
would be taken as a sign of guilt and possible treasonous activity.

(And, if the person continues to complain, I point out that I consider it 
discourteous to delay court by placing myself in a position that will require
the assistance of others (possibly several others) from which to free myself.

And also point out that continuing to stand allows me the folk to hear my words
as well as (and sometimes better than) those of the Crown.  

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