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Boring? Court and Escoring

Poster: cna00193@wvnvm.wvnet.edu (Michael and Rachel Taylor)

Having read what my Lord did see fit to speak allow me now if you will to
toss my own hat into this lively fray;

being a fairly newcomer to the SCA I personally find court enthralling
though I can see the point of soft speakers vs loud rooms.  Seems rather
rude to me that if your in court you would be so loud your neighbors had no
hope of hearing anyway.

I've seen a nice comprimise to the escort INTO court and that is an escort
TO court.  I've not seen out of kingdom courts yet but in our own fair lands
there seems to be a definite line at which the assembled crowd stops and the
court of TRM's(/or other) begins.  From what I have seen the escort stops here.

I know retrive my hat from this fray and pray it is not to mangled.

Gwen Alarc nic "Rowan"

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