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re:escorting ladies

Poster: The Davidsons <paradox@gamewood.net>

I speak, gentle cousins, as one who has a beloved but permanently mundane
husband, therefore no "built-in escort", except on the rare occasions that
my mundane son/SCA friend and I are both at an event. In those instances, I
was delighted to have him escort me into Court! But otherwise, it's just me,
and I am always delighted/flattered to feel that someone cared about me
enough to offer their arm. It made me feel welcomed, even if not "paired up"
with anyone. It can be a specific gesture of "our Barony/Shire takes care of
our own" (thank you always Lord Wolfgang for helping me into my first
Court), or "we're friends in this together" (ditto Lord Barnabas of the
White Waters, when we both received our Orders of the Phoenix Eye). I think
now that I would feel DIScourteous if some good gentle rose to help me and I
rejected his offer. 
        I also feel that it is a custom that enhances our ability to
distinguish the Society from the outside world. It did feel very peculiar at
first to bow to anybody, since USA is not a bowing culture, but now it feels
right, and I do it as a way to be in persona as a medieval lady would have.
Often in period I believe that escorts/chaperones/assistants were a sign of
rank, an honor for the person that was the Royal Shaver, or Towel-Holder,
whatever, a way of protecting the worth/honor/person . Of course in real
life I am perfectly able to trot up to a couple of chairs without
assistance! But being escorted in allows me to imbue the occasion with more
dignity and elegance, and gives some gentleman an opportunity to practice
his courtesy as well. A win-win situation, IMHO.
      And now , good tavern keep, I find that I have talked long, and your
mulled wine was VERY potent! If you will be so kind as to escort me back to
my seat, I will therefore promise not to fall on my face in your fine

    Rosalind Jehanne 
    Paradox Keep in the Shire of Drachentor    
    Or, a Rose Gules, in Chief Vert Three Suns Or 

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