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Re: boring court? (was re: escorting ladies)

Poster: Stephanie Malone Thorson <smt2@st-andrews.ac.uk>

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, Bryn Watkins wrote:

> This brings to the forefront a question I've had for years- Do people REALLY
> hate court as much as this?  And if so, WHY?  I love court.  I've even been
> called up into it a few times (for contest awards, and the sheep->shawl
> thing at crown, but not actual awards), and I didn't find it embarrassing at
> all.  Rather spiff (or wlonk, even), in fact.  <snip>

Well, I don't mind being called up in court - that's always nice, but I
don't particularly enjoy sitting through courts for their own sake.  I am
one of those inveterate must-be-doing-something people and simply dislike
sitting still doing nothing for longish periods of time.  I rarely watch
TV for the same reasons.  I've also been to some courts that were not
well-run; for instance, there were 3 Golden Dolphins or Pearls or
something to be handed out, and the herald called all the members of the
order into court, Their Majesties handed out one of these, and every one
left.  After an AoA or 2, all the Dolphins/Pearls/whatever were called
back in and another was awarded, followed by a similar egress, and so it
went.  Why not call in the order, make all of the awards in succession,
and get on with it?  I don't think that this detracts in any way from any
new member's limelight, spares the members of the order from ahving to get
up and down three times, and spares the spectators a lot of ingress and
egress time when nothing really is going on. 

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