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Re: boring court?

Poster: Scott Silvers/James of Westmorland <ssilvers@liberty.uc.wlu.edu>

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, Alfredo el Bufon wrote:
> James Beckett of Westmorland writes in re boring courts:
> > [...] I would personally never let my lady go into court unescorted
> > [...] If she ever told me she wanted to go up alone, I would let her.
> Would you tackle the lord that the King would then send to escort her?

	Most likely, yes.  I'm very protective of my lady.  If the king 
requires an escort than I will do it.  However, if the lady does not want 
one, then the King really should not require one ( I know, this is bad 
thinking for a loyal monarchist, however, I cannot completely overrule my 
modern sensibilities).  While it may or may not be historically accurate, 
some people find having to be escorted into court to be a sign of 
weakness.  If ladies are required to have escorts, why not lords?  Again, 
modern thinking, but if you think about our lady fighters and knights, do 
you honestly think they should be required to take as an escort any 
feeble lord who runs to her side?  Again, this is just my opinion.  I'm 
not imposing it on anyone and all can feel free to beat me down if they 
disagree.  However, I must tell you,  I love a challenge and am a glutton 
for punishment (Ask anyone who's fought me.)


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