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Re: boring court? (was re: escorting ladies) -Reply

Poster: Temp Receptionist <DC.TEMP@novell.com>

James of Westmorland wrote:!"  
>>	With regards to the original post about escorting ladies, I think 
>>it depends upon the sitation and the lady.  Yes, I think it adds to the 
>>pagentry and atmosphere when the lady is escorted, but by the same
>>the lady shouldn't have an escort thrust upon her. 

My lord that is very 20th century thinking...not offering to help someone
because they "might" be offended? I do realize  that ladies (including me)
are physically capable of a lot of things including walking in a straight line
down a court aisle, but that is not the problem...many people, including
gentlemen dressed for court,are wearing clothing that needs ones full
attention to maneuver safey in...they have also just been called into
public view..an experience not fot the faint of heart or easily exciteable.
court also usually comes late in an already busy day....I am sure that the
possible catastrophies  could be far more offensive and disruptive to the
person it happened to  than mustering a  polite "no,thankyou" and a smile
if offered a superfluous hand.
>> A lady should have an escrt pre arranged, should she be called into
>>court (something along the lines of "If I'm ever called into court, would
>>you escort me in?").  

Bless your heart precious! from what I have seen most (all?) people 
called into court fall into 2 catagories...prearranged business I.e. they
have talked to the herald before hand and arranged to do something or
the ever popular and wildly in demand" stealth call" (they never see it
comming). The above suggestion is really well meant..but ...one never
knows who, short of their segnificant other with whom they travel (IF
one is fortunate enough to  HAVE one) is actually at an event until the
end of the day...how does one know the person you prearragned a
contingency escort with at twelthnight has managed to make it to the
current  event..and then there is the modesty issue....even in the 20th

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