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Poster: Jen McCann <MCCANNJ@carleton.edu>

>When Herveus called my name I asked my lady wife to escort *me* into court

>I wanted her to share in the experience and for everyone else to see the
>beautiful gracious angel who supports me and inspires me to the kind actions
>the award recognized.
>Lord Kevin of Thornbury

In a similar vein, I was very pleased that when I was called into Court to
recieve my AoA, I found at my side the lord who had helped me so much when I
first joined (at the tender age 0f 14).  He had talked to my parents,
convincing them that the SCA was a safe place, and my whole canton arranged to
have folks to look out for me at events--without letting me know, because at 14
I would have been offended.  I was glad that someone who had made my getting
the award possible was there when I recieved it, and I felt he represented my
whole canton and all the assistance they had given me over the years.  Thanks,

>It is rare that our Courts are so large that I cannot find my way to the
>Thrones all by myself.
>Melisande de Belvoir

Actually, I was so startled and befuddeled by the whole idea that *I* was being
called into court, that the assistance in finding the Thrones was needed!

Cairistiona Wynde/Jennifer McCann    
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