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Re: MR: Arms? I thought they were appendages! (fwd)

Poster: clevin@rci.ripco.com (Craig Levin)

> Poster: SMITHJH@ed.concord.wvnet.edu

<Please, m'lord, include something that indicates that you're
quoting text from another-it makes discourse of this nature so much
easier to follow!>

> > FACT:  I have heard a few times here and there that the only people 
> who
> > can legitimately display heraldic arms are those with AoA's.  Usually
> > this meets with debate, and it is more generally accepted that the 
> only
> > requirement to display heraldic arms is to have them registered.

Presumably Alfredo:
> I don't accept that they have to be registered to display them, but
> if you register them, it's more likely they'll appear on something
> (like a scroll) that you're presented with as a surprise.  Almost
> exactly like registering a china pattern.
> Ok, In a desire to understand what is being said here^ are you saying 
> it's OK to display arms that are not currently registered??

There's a very large can of worms called "SCA heraldic
regulation," which we opened, and then valiantly battled to
close, this summer. It's generally the practice in Atlantia to
display on inexpensive items once it leaves kingdom, as, so far,
those of us of the Atlantian college have had a rather good
success rate of getting things registered by the Laurel Queen of

There are others who feel that heraldic regulation shouldn't
exist in the SCA. I happen to differ with them.

> are able to make the distinction.  (Mundane heralds don't)

Actually, heralds did make a distinction, on the Continent,
between the arms of the well-born and the arms of the rest of the
population, in places where ignoble heraldry wasn't outlawed.

Craig Levin
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