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Re: boring court? (was re: escorting ladies)

Poster: Scott Silvers/James of Westmorland <ssilvers@liberty.uc.wlu.edu>

	I find that it depends on the court and where I am during it.  If 
I am stuck towards the back, I find that I tend to be bored.  Fact is, 
you can't hear anything unless you're in the first row or two of people.  
Then court just becomes a series of people kneeling before whoever is 
holding court broken by occasional speaches by the herald and cries of 
	With regards to the original post about escorting ladies, I think 
it depends upon the sitation and the lady.  Yes, I think it adds to the 
pagentry and atmosphere when the lady is escorted, but by the same token, 
the lady shouldn't have an escort thrust upon her.  A lady should have an 
escrt pre arranged, should she be called into court (something along the 
lines of "If I'm ever called into court, would you escort me in?").  To 
do otherwise can be seen as an insult by the lady.  (There are plenty of 
ladies in the SCA who could take on most of us men, and are in no need of 
an escort if they do not desire one).   I would personally never let my 
lady go into court unescorted, but she is my lady, and she wants me to 
accompany her (Her first time called into court was our Baronial Court at 
Pennsic XXV, and we were both called up at the same time.  She squeezed 
my hand so hard that it took almost 5 minutes for the numbness to go 
away).  If she ever told me she wanted to go up alone, I would let her.  
It is her time and her decision (and besides, I know I've got no chance 
in an argument).  Well, that's my two pence.  Anyone else?


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