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Re: On outlandish foreign customs -Reply -Forwarded

Poster: Temp Receptionist <DC.TEMP@novell.com>

oops...thank you

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Subject: Re: On outlandish foreign customs -Reply

Unto Lady Maria Beatriz la Mora, greetings from Alfredo el Bufon.

I received and enjoyed your thoughtful reply to my recent posting.
However, the fact that you address Lady Alianora makes me suspect
that you intended to direct it to the Merry Rose -- a mistake that
I have made on several occasions in the short time that the "Reply"
protocol was changed.  Just in case that was your intention, I will
send the letter back to you.

-- Alfredo

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>>Mistress Brannwyn Ottersby, speaking of institutional Court Escorts
>>in the Outlands, says, in part:

>>> [...] From what I can understand of the sentiments behind the
>>> practice here, it is certainly not that a lady (or lord ;^) [...]
>>> *NEEDS* such an escort for whatever reason, but that it is meant as
>>> a welcoming and reassuring gesture for those who may be treading
>>that  carpet for the first time.

Senor Alfredo replies:
>>Since anyone who already has an AoA has already trod the carpet,
>>perhaps it is the right to be unescorted (rather than the right
>>to bear weapons) in court that should be the special right of
>>Lords and Ladies.  Then the right to bear weapons in court could
>>be extended to everyone, or, contrariwise, restricted to those
>>who have received Grants or Patents of Arms.

>>Just a suggestion.

>>-- Alfredo

Milord Alfredo,
Is it not better to have it offered and not needed and politely refused
than to need it and have to disrupt court to find it?
No matter what award the person has been granted in the past...for
many of us entering court each time is an emotional as well as a physical

The cook hard at work at feast who is called out of his/her busy overly
warm kitchen to jog into court to receive the thanks of a grateful liege
and his populace. This would knock the wind out of many a prime trained

The unsuspecting Lady or Lord who has been called into court (I know
you are giggling my dear Alianora) for heaven-knows-what and even if
their knees are not shaking (highly unlikely) they are so intent upon
keeping eye contact with their objective..(the front of the room..i.e. the
kneeling pillows in front of their majesties) that court instantly becomes
an obstacle course more dangerous than the 2-year-old room at a daycare.

The squire, soon to be knight, having been dressed by loving friends after
vigil in new, unfamiliar clothing, having a lovely combination of excitement
and exhaustion, shouldn't be trusted to navigate until given a chance at
full recovery

I have already gone on forever..but you get my drift....
better safe than sorry.

Maria Beatriz the Felled OX

Leges silent inter armas.    |    Laws are silent among arms.

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