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Re: Smoking on the field (fwd)

Poster: "Thorpe, John" <thorpj@caepo1.columbiaSC.NCR.COM>

Greetings from Eldred!

I warned you that it was a hairy example!

Scripsit Atlantian Clerk of Law:
>>"12.1.2 Smoking is forbidden in the central area of a Society event.
>>The central area of an event is defined as any area where people must
>>be present in order to participate in the event, such as the hall
>>where a feast is taking place, or the lists and the area surrounding
>>them during a tournament.  The autocrat shall define the boundaries
>>of the central area and the autocrat shall, if possible, provide
>>some other area as convenient as may be found where smoking is
>>permitted and made safe and practicable. Smoking is permitted in
>>the interior of pavilion/home only with the express permission of
>>the owner of the pavilion/home."

>>So Sayeth the Law of Atlantia.

>>Shall I make a motion to TRM to delete this law? I believe that it
>>serves a useful purpose, for I have met several people who are
>>terribly affected by smoke. Not who don't like it, but who suffer true
>>physical distress. I'd prefer to see us all try to be more
>>considerate. If you see someone being inconsiderate, then, simply say
>>to them gently and politely that they may be annoying another. If they
>>receive this news boorishly or poorly, then they are sauvage.

I specifically avoided pointing my finger at any perpetrators.
I have a number of friends who do smoke (even at events), and I
usually (jokingly) chide them about smoking at all, but in the
end, it is their choice.  My friends(and most others) are careful
about not smoking in the main areas, and I applaud their courtesy
in this regard.

Yes, I have been a bit offended by smoking in and beside the lists at
various events, however, pointing out these infractions to certain
people probably isn't a good idea if you want to enjoy a future in
in the SCA.  So just as I turn a blind eye to unregistered heraldry,
I tend to do so with smoking unless it is truly flagrant(e.g. smoking
next to a working herald--it's difficult to get out a good "Oyez!"
with a lung full of smoke.)  8^)

BTW, someone asked if the offending smoker on the field at Crown
Tourney was HRM.  I did not see HRM smoking, but I did see someone
else who shall remain anonymous lest I damage their Good Name(tm).

In the end, I agree with Lord Philip.  The law has its use.  It is
not strictly enforced, nor is it likely to be.  However, if you
politely remind someone that their smoking may be bothering another,
that should be enough.  The law is there to use as a hammer against
those 1% or 2% who refuse to be courteous.  As Earl Dafydd has
pointed out, there is no reason to have Smoking Police or for
anyone to behave like a jerk--either as a smoker or as an
"offended" non-smoker.

In service,

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