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Re: Escorting ladies and the like..and explaination

Poster: smithjh@ed.concord.wvnet.edu (Jason Smith)

The end must start now,

        I have always been a peron who has always believed that he who
stands for everthing, stands for nothing. Well, I can see me standing for
what "I" beleieve is wrong, or at least wrong in the eyes of some on this
list. Again and again I have tried to keep the disussion on my end at the
level of the general, but unvariably, someone has to, for some reason, take
it to a personal level. So I, wrongly, started talking about my mundane life
and I even went as far as to bring my gentle lady into this. And for this I
have not been true to ME and more importantly my wonderful lady. So, once
and for all, I WILL continue to OFFER escorts to ladies NOT ONLY to court
but to the merchant's area at Pennsic, to the List field at any event, and
anywhere else a lady looks like she MAY WANT an escort. Never, never have I
insuinated on this list or any other place that a lady MUST HAVE A ESCORT.
This is simply not what I think.  Nor have I said or meant that any one who
does not offer to escort a lady is a bad or evil person, and I'm truly sorry
some of you read my posts that way.
        My first attraction to this society was that (this is MY OPINION) I
could for the first time be in a place where I could treat ladies and people
in general with the courtesy I have always wanted to show. And moreover, it
was done by all people I saw. So I will hold to this, and will stay true to
what I believe and I will not so foolishly state my obviously caustic
opinions on this list, because I seem to have offended so many by something
I was alwas taught to be true.

Ciaran MacGhabhain

>	And no one is saying you should change your ways, Ciaran.  My 
>ways are not much different from yours.  I was brought up to behave as a 
>gentleman (i.e. opening doors, paying for dinner, etc).  Ask anyone who 
>knows me well and they will attest to that fact.  However, I also realize 
>that those attitudes are not always accepted.  I will let my girlfriend 
>pay for dinner if she insists, I will let her open the door for me.  
>(Admittedly most of this comes from the fact that I know I cannot win an 
>argument with her.  I just usually make up for it in other ways.)  Ladies 
>should have the option of doing things their way as well.
>> ..oh and one last thing, unless statements are directly aimed at you,
>> please do not feel the need to attack someone with a differing general
>> opinion on life, it's just not cool. I 've  gotten 2 attacks about this and
>> i just made a GENERAL statment about life, not about anyone or anyone's
>	I agree. None of this should degenerate into personal attacks.  
>We all have different opinions and we are entitled to them.  Those who 
>resort to this just have to be dealt with in the appropriate manner.  
>Ignore them...they are not worth dealing with.
>					-James
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Be true to thy self, and in doing so, ye be true to all...
The dream is what we ALL make of it...If it is wrong, look within first...
then without...

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