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Re: Internet Message

Poster: smithjh@ed.concord.wvnet.edu (Jason Smith)

> >One of the things that really got me was a Pennsic XIV. A fighter
>>was walking from camp in NW 40 up to the fighting field with my lady.
> They
>>were talking and when I saw them, I noticed my lady had an armfull 
>of stuff
>>she was fumbling around, while the fighter was empty-handed. So I 
>ran to
>>them and asked the fighter if he had offered to help this lady. He 
>>'no' and kept on going. So I gathered her things from her and let 
>her walk
>>unburdened. Now I ask you, was this right for the fighter not to 
>offer help??
>During last years Pennsic I had a similar occurrence.  I was walking 
>back to camp from the barn and had my arms burdened with a folding 
>chair, my CA files, a 3 quart water cooler jug, my banner, my mug and 
>my cane.  I pasted and exchanged greetings with several good gentles 
>along the way.  Many of which were walking my way.  It was a knight 
>of Ansterorra that came running out of his camp to help me when he 
>saw me struggling.  I would gladly at any time, at any event accept 
>help as a courtesy that is given.   I have had times when people 
>offer and times when it seems that they are afraid to.  Don't be 
>afraid.  If it is offered in courtesy, it should be accepted or 
>rejected in kind.
>At least that is my opinion.
 If it is any consilation I'd have helped you, but i was not able to make it
to Pennsic. :-)

Ciaran MacGhabhain
Be true to thy self, and in doing so, ye be true to all...
The dream is what we ALL make of it...If it is wrong, look within first...
then without...

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