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smoking escort

Poster: afcarey@norfolk.infi.net (anne carey)

>Ummm, please don't feel you have to send me anything about smoking or
>escorting. I've been deleting those for some time, now.

But Henry,dear, if your were escorting someone and they started smoking
i.e. smoke started to billow out from beneath their skirts (or whatever)
would you

1)tell them they were on fire and watch them attempt to deal with the situation
2)not tell them and see how long it took them to notice
3)ignore it, after all they might be doing it on purpose
4)throw the individual to ground and jump on top of them in an attempt to
put the fire out, all the while disguising the act of passion so that they
might not be embarrassed for smoking in public?

> Unemployed intellectual. Will act like a pompous ass for food.

ooh! I'd like to see that... come on down.. I'll feed you!


Anne Carey                         "Fly spoke slowly, for it was a cold
Virginia Beach, Virginia             fact of nature that sheep were Stupid,
                                     and no one would ever convince her
                                     otherwise."   ---Babe
Anne Elizabeth
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