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whois atlantia

Poster: afcarey@norfolk.infi.net (anne carey)

Oh for heavens sake... take a couple cold pills, type in the wrong address,
and the whole tavern goes silly on you!!

And yes Ursula, you win The Prize {TM},  You can come collect it at twelfth
night!  (If Alfredo hadn't been a lazy bum and come up with more than 2
lines..I might have given it to him...and Duncan was too cheeky by half!!!)

(who now has to figure out what The Prize{TM} is....;D

Anne Carey                         "Fly spoke slowly, for it was a cold
Virginia Beach, Virginia             fact of nature that sheep were Stupid,
                                     and no one would ever convince her
                                     otherwise."   ---Babe
Anne Elizabeth
vert, a bend sable fimbriated or, between two Jerusalem crosses or

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