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I shot an arrow into the air.....Archery Q&A

Unto all who recieve this missive does Ld. Robert the Forgotten say 
howdy!  I am posting this copy of my Q&A article for your use and general 
information I hope that chroniclesr will please print it in their 
publications and that the rest of you just simply enjoy. In Service 
Always.        Robert >>>------>

Unto all who view this does Ld. Robert the Forgotten send greetings!   My friends, this note has several points so please read carefully and see what may apply to you.  As of Pennsic XXV, I have been asked to and have volunteered to be the Deputy Kingdom Archer Marshall for the southern region. WAIT ! Even if you are not in the southern part of the kingdom, please keep reading.  My goals are simple:    1) Educate and inform via teaching at events.  2) Writing articles to baronial newsletters.  3) Trying to increase communication between archers. There is absolutely no way that I can accomplish these goals without your help.  This means everyone!  Archer, Fighter, Knight, Squire, seasoned SCAdian and newbee.    If you currently hold an office or warrant in archery, or have an interest in archery, or teaching a class within the realm of archery, please e-mail me at jager@csra.net or drop a post card to me at 616 Pershing Dr., N. Augusta, SC 29841 Attn. Robert Skidmore.  My phone # is (803) 279-4169. Please include SCA and modern name and how I can contact you.  If you have a question or a suggestion concerning archery please do the same.  In closing, I am currently updating my classes on both running an archery range and combat archery any suggestions are welcome.  These classes have been approved of and are required to become an archer Marshall per Lady Dealla Cohen (my boss).   Thank you for your time.  
							In Service Always,
							Robert the Forgotten

I shot an arrow into the air.... 

Archery Q and A

Since we are smack-dab in the middle of the kingdom,I don't know if you consider us in the southern part of it or not, but he's interested in all things archery.  He just ordered a bunch of arrows, and although he currently has a lousy bow, he's searching for a new one, and would  like any info you have in that direction.  35-40# draw area, please.  Oh, he's Griffin the Black, (Benson, yes, just the one name) and I'm Bryn y Pobydd (the bagpiper, and thus easy to find). 

Hi, Griffin and Bryn, thanks for the reply.  I hope the event goes well for everyone.  In answer to your query.  If you know what grits are, you're southern.  To find a good bow you might try scouting out yard sales and possibly a few traditional bow hunting places.  Try not to order from a magazine if at all possible.  It can be expensive and you never know what you are getting.  Thanks for your interest.  Robert..  


Alfredo el Bufon wrote:"Unto Robert the Forgotten, greetings from Alfredo el Bufon.  Icommend you and wish you the best of luck in your endeavor."

I, Alfredo el Bufon, (Ed Hopkins), and my wife, Malkah Rozanna Blaznowa (Melanie Hopkins),  Windmasters' Hill.  
...Alfredo, Thank you for the reply and well wishes.  I'll need it.  I am trying to compile a listing of archer marshalls that are willing to confess their existence.  If you know someone who wants to confess, just let me know.  If I can be of further assistance, please let me know. 

			In Service

Archer's quip....................... 

"A knight called over to an archer "M'Lord archer !   What do you think of my fine band of fighters?!"   With a steely eye and a slight grin the archer simply replied, "targets."