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Re: Pompous fool

Poster: Lance Day <lday@access.digex.net>

The Obvious Miriam wrote:

> Henry, you wrote:
> Unemployed intellectual. Will act like a pompous ass for food.
> Do you babysit? If so I think Anne and I can make you SUCH A DEAL!!!


You know, you should be _very_ skeptical of any advertising on
the Internet; even if it is from Henry!

I called him on it today at lunch, and wouldn't you know it,
..another case of false advertising.  

His PQ (pompousness quotient) was unsatisfactorially low.
As a matter of fact, he was downright _unpompous_.

This could be due to any number of things; the snow, the Indian 
lunch buffet or the stroll we took through G Street Fabrics...

On second thought, maybe I'm wrong about the details of the
work performed. I might have contracted him on "will BS for supper"
instead, in which case he performed most marvellously!

(Thanks Henry!)

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