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University Catalog

My Lords and Ladies,

I am very pleased to be able to send out the catalog of the University of
Atlantia for the Winter Session on February 1, 1997.

The catalog in the attached file is a slightly updated version of the one
that will appear in The December issue of The Acorn.  It has additional
descriptions, but there are no deletions from the version that will appear in
print.  The printed version will have the preregistration form and you can
fill that out and return it to the Registrar after you receive it.  In
addition, I will have some photocopies of the catalog available at Unevent.

I hope the offerings of the next session will be of interest to you.


Mistress Deirdre O'Siodhachain
Chancellor of the University

University of Atlantia - Winter Session
February 1, 1997
Hosted by the Shire of Drachentor

Greetings to the scholars and teachers of Atlantia from Deirdre O'Siodhachain.  This Winter Session is my first as Chancellor of the University and I can only say I am overwhelmed by the response to my requests for classes.  Atlantia should rejoice in the enthusiasm and variety of its teachers, as well the number of students who look forward to new experiences at every session.  It is an impressive showing on both sides of the lectern.

The site will be Sacred Heart School in Danville, Virginia.  The site will open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.  The first class will start at 10:00 a.m. and the final one will finish at 5:30 p.m.  Lunch will be between noon and 1:00 p.m. with a half-hour Convocation to follow.  Classes resume at 1:30 p.m. Parking at the school is somewhat limited at about 85 spaces, so carpooling is recommended. Some overflow parking will be at the rear of  the school and across the street at the high school, if ncessary.

We are asking for a donation of $3 per student. By tradition, any payment is waived for The Crown, the instructors, and anyone unable to pay.  You may make your donation either in advance with your preregistration or at the door.  Donations go to publishing the catalog, paying site fees, and photocopy expenses.  Any materials fees charged by instructors are paid directly to them at the time of the class.

The Shire of Drachentor is planning to offer a simple, inexpensive lunch of the stew/rarebit/bread/-cheese/cider/lemonade variety during the midday break.  There is a check box on the preregistration form if you plan to eat in.  The Shire would appreciate a headcount for planning purposes.  Charges for the lunch are in the $1-$3 range.

The Shire has made special arrangements with the local Howard Johnson's hotel.  Rooms are:  $44 for a room with two double beds, $54.00 for a standard king room, and $64.00 for a deluxe king room.  There is no limit on the number of people in a room (within reason).  The hotel is three minutes from the site.  Call the hotel at (804)793-2000 to make reservations.  Mention the SCA when making the reservation to receive the discount rate.  For those on a budget, contact the autocrat, Lady Rosalind at Paradox Keep ((804)822-0026), for local crash space.  Crash space is limited to about 50, so call early.

While no official post-revel has been planned, the Howard Johnson's is providing us with a hospitality room starting around 8 p.m.  The Shire will provide some desserts and drinks.

The school has a preschool room and a playground.  The Shire will be offering some children's activities during the day.  Please contact the autocrat regarding arrangements.  These are not directly a part of the University's activities.

Directions to site:  From the North: take Route 29 South to 29 South Business into Danville.  Follow signs from 86 South, cross over the Dan River, and turn left at the first traffic light.
From the South: take route 86 North into Danville, look for the hospital under construction on the right, and at the next traffic light make a right.  If you cross the river you have gone too far.  OR take Route 29 North past the 29 North Business exit to the Route 86 North exit.  Turn left at the top of the ramp, go 2.7 miles and make the right at the 4th traffic light.
From the East:  take Route 58 West into Danville, follow signs to Route 86 South, cross the Dan River, and make a left at the first light.
From the West: take Route 58 East into Danville, follow signs to Route 86 South, cross the Dan River, and make a left at the first light.
The site will be marked with blue and white pennons.

The Howard Johnson's hotel is located at the junction of Routes 29 and 58.
From North and South:  Take Route 29 North or South to the north side of the Dan River, take the Piedmont Drive exit to the Mall.  Make a left at the light into the Mall, and drive to the opposite side of the Mall to the Howard Johnson's.
From the West:  Take Route 58 East, to Route 29 North, go 1/4 mile to the Piedmont Drive exit to the Mall.  Then see above.
From the East:  Take Route 58 West, look for the sign to Route 86 South, go PAST the exit for 86 South, under the overpass, and make a right at the first light onto Mount Cross Road.  Go one block and make next right at the traffic light.


10:00 a.m.

Armorial Style (1 hour) - Evan de Colaureo

	Learn how to design heraldry which is balanced, medieval, and attractive.

Celtic Knotwork in Illumination (1 hour) - Rebecca the Contrary

	How to design Celtic knotwork patterns for scrolls based on period design.

Beginning Needlelace (1 hour) - Deirdre of Boolteens

	The class is designed to introduce someone to the techniques of needlelace as done in Western Europe during the 1500's.  The class will teach the basic stitch and discuss techniques for creating designs.  There will be actual pieces from period of Italian needlepoint, reticella and punto di aria for viewing.

Fundamentals of Handspinning I (1 hour) - Luisa O'Reilly

	This lecture class will cover all the basic concepts behind spinning, such as staple length, distinctions between medieval fibers, differences between worsted and woolen spinning, and proper medieval uses of S-twist and Z-twist.

Introduction to Middle Eastern Music (1 hour) - Azza al-Shirazi

	Learn about sources for Middle Eastern music and how to play it.  Any and all instrument welcome.  Handout contains bibliography and music.

Creating a Viking Rock (2 hours) - Brigit of Mercia

	Creating a Viking rock and then actually carving the text into the rock.  Bring a No. 2 pencil.

Planning Your First SCA Feast (1 hour) - Maelgwn ap Gruffydd

	A class to take the beginning cook through the first steps of feast planning through getting the last dish out the door.  Students will learn what to look for in a kitchen, how to shop effectively, and the three most important words in feast preparation:  precook, precook, PRECOOK!

Elizabethan Rounds (1 hour) - Gregory Blount

	Elizabethan rounds from the Ravenscroft source book.

Juggling I (1 hour) - Kendrick Wayfarer and Julian Goodwyn

	Learn to juggle and impress your friends and neighbors.  This class is for those who cannot already juggle but would like to learn the rudiments of the craft.  Class will start with the 3-ball cascade and progress from there as time allows.

Rapier Marshall Training (1 hour) - Philip Bell

	Training to ensure all Atlantian Marshals are operating from the same page.  Discussion of the rules and their applications, of armor standards and testing, etc.

11:00 a.m.

Court Heraldry (1 hour) - Rhiannon Ui Neill

	Whoops!  Did I really just say that?  How to survive gaffes, tongue-twisters, and annexing other kingdoms in court.  Also some basic instruction in deportment, appropriate business, and vocal survival.

Basic Uncial Script (1 hour) - Allasondrea de Fano

	It's a good hand for scrolls that contain knotwork and other early period illumination. Students will learn basic pen strokes, letter construction and variations.  Source documents will be discussed and practice materials and a lettering sheet will be provided.  If students have foundation or dip pens with broad nibs (B-2, C-2, and above), please bring them along.

Spanish Stitch (1 hour) - Deirdre of Boolteens

	This class is designed for beginners and no embroidery skills are needed.  The instructor will teach Blackwork by showing the basic double running stitch, also known as the Holbein stitch.  Hints on how to follow a motif and tips and tricks for improving your work.

Fundamentals of Handspinning II (1 hour) - Luisa O'Reilly     Materials fee:  $15.00

	This is a hands-on class for students who have taken the first part.   During class, students will practice spinning on drop spindle with individual instruction. Students may either bring their own drop spindles and wool, or purchase them from the instructor (includes a spindle and 4 oz. of wool).

Middle Eastern Drumming (1 hour) - Achbar ibn Ali

	The class will cover basic beats for dumbeck.  Bring a drum is you have one.

Redacting Recipes from Period Sources (1 hour) - Maelgwn ap Gruffydd

	How to read and interpret a period source and turn it into a feast using authentic recipes.  Lists of sources, vocabulary, and certain modern texts will be provided to make period phrases part of your everyday feast language.

15th Century Italian Dances (1 hour) - Gregory Blount

	Some dances from Italy which the instructor leaned at Pennsic which may be new to Atlantia.

Juggling II (1 hour) - Kendrick Wayfarer and Julian Goodwyn

	If you can do a 3-ball cascade and pass a flaming torch, then your juggling skills are right for this class.  Likely topics include advanced 3-ball tricks, ball passing, and beginning club juggling.  Bring any props you may already have.

Painting a Triptych (1 hour) - Daniel of Rutland

	Description of the philosophical approach to creating a period work of art and the initial stages of design and execution of the work, using the triptych commissioned by Laeghaire and Ysabeau as the primary example.

Women in Rapier (1 hour) - Ceridwen ferch Owain

	Effective techniques and  special considerations for women participating in rapier.

1:30 p.m.

Canting Arms (1 hour) - Herveus d'Ormonde

	Designing heraldry that depicts the elements of your name.

Drawnwork (1 hour) - Allasondrea de Fano		Class limit: 10   Class fee: $3

	Drawnwork creates beautiful lace patterns by removing/pulling some of the threads from the existing woven fabric.  This class will provide an introduction to drawnwork with some historical background and a little hands-on practice.

Basic Introduction to Four-Harness Weaving (1 hour) - Margherita the Weaver

	Spend an hour learning the basic concepts of weaving and working with a four-harness loom.  Once you discover the joys and fun of four-harness weaving, see the instructor and her loom "Traveler" in the SWAT area for hands-on experience.

Majolica Ware (1 hour) - Robert of Bedingfield

	How to create a low cost and attractive alternative to wood and armetele dinnerware. The instructor will demonstrate how to create majolica ware, a type of painted ceramic dish very popular during the Renaissance.  He will show examples of greenware, design, painting, firing, and glazing.  This is not a hands-on class.

Atlantian Choir (2 hours) - Anne of Carthew

	Learn the 3- and 4-part music often sung when a pick-up group is gathered at an event based on 
music commonly know and sung within Atlantia, .  Some will be repeated from past sessions of the Atlantian Choir.

Arabic for the People (1 hour) - Xenophon Vaughn

	An overview of Arabic as a spoken language with special emphasis on common expressions, greetings, and correct word usage to help enhance the pleasure derived from having a Middle Eastern or Mahgreb persona in the SCA.

Art of Culturing Yeast (1 hour) - Terafan Greydragon

	Or how to keep one batch, going, and going, and going .....

Bagpipes (1 hour) - Niall MacFarlane

	A history of the bagpipe and some good advice before you start taking lessons.

Origins of Civil Law (1 hour) - Thomas Navigator

	An examination of how civil law came into being by looking at major developments in law codes.

Gardening for Scadians (1 hour) - James of Rutland

	An overview discussion on growing period flowers, fruits and vegetables.  Emphasis on period species/varieties rather than period gardening technique or design.  Catalog sources/address provided; please bring your, too!

Anatomy for Fencers (1 hour) - Giacomo Vincente

	A class discussing the real-world effects of rapier wounds.

2:30 p.m.

Designing an SCA name (1 hour) - Rhiannon Ui Neill

	How to work within and use the Rules for Submissions to construct an SCA name.

Lucets (1 hour) - Rosine of Rowanwald

	Basic techniques for using the lucet to braid cord and an examination of materials and uses for the finished product.  Lucet cord is seven time stronger than leather of the same diameter, does not stretch, and can be unknotted when wet (unlike ribbon).

Tambour (1 hour) - Celynen of Stow-on-the-Wold

	An ancient embroidery technique of eastern origins which uses a hook instead of a needle.  Materials:  size 6-10 crochet hook, medium hoop, aida cloth, and crochet floss (not DMC embroidery floss).

Making a Medieval Single-pole Pavilion (2 hours) - Dafydd ap Gwystl

	The single-pole pavilion is the most common and useful type used throughout the Middle Ages while being possessed of a minimum of sewing skills.  The first half of the class will review structure, construction, and decoration.  The second hour will cover how to build your own using the spoked-wheel framework.  There will be a large handout.

How Not to Speak Forsoothly (1 hour) - Keilyn FitzWarn

	Take a close look at SCA-speak and think about what you are really saying.  This class is intended to take a light-hearted look at some of the SCA's more egregious (ab)uses of the English language and present some closer to period (and sensible) alternatives.

Varietal Beers (1 hour) - Aaron Exile

	How to make beers with nongrain ingredients.  Will give recipes for apple and honey beers, and possibly others.  Some theory of brewing.

Schools of Courtly Love (1 hour) - Ceridwen ferch Owain

	The instructor will compare and contrast the different attitudes towards of courtly love as viewed in period.

Property Law (1 hour) - Igor Medved

	A look at laws on property and inheritance with particular emphasis on the legal status of women in the Middle Ages.

Marshal Training (2 hours) - William the Stout

	The class covers basic information for event planning, marshal policy, and procedures.  Required of all heavy weapons marshals by April 1, 1997.

Rapier Technique Workshop (3 hours) - Various instructors

	Three hours of hands-on workshops on fighting technique.


Designing Heraldry for Non-heraldic Cultures - Elisavetta Alexandrova

	So, your culture didn't develop standardized heraldry and you want a device?  Come find out what you can do about it.  The class will look at how certain cultures used heraldic elements.

Easy Garb Decorations (1 hour) - Rosine of Rowanwald		Materials fee:  $1

	The class is designed for the beginning costumer, and covers fabric embellishments, transferring designs, sources, and embroidery and dying techniques.

Introduction to Naalbinding (1 hour) - Ana Ilevna		Class limit: 6    Class fee: $5

	Naalbinding, also known as looped needle netting, was used throughout northern and eastern Europe from prehistoric times until the introduction of knitting.  Come learn to accessorize your early period garb.

Performance Technique (1 hour) - Bryce de Byrum

	Period and modern vocal techniques to help singers become better performers.  Covers proper breathing, pronunciation, stance, tone, timber, etc., etc.

Great Coats (1 hour) - Annjeke MacAiodh

	The cut and construction of great coats and outer garments commonly worn from about 1400 on.

Herbalism: Period Tools and Techniques Herablism (1 hour) - Miriam

	What is a decoction and how to make it, making of a poultice, what is the difference between an extract and an essential oil, etc.  Basic definitions of common terms are covered and hints on which preparations were used for which ailments.

Combat Archery Tactics (1 hour) - Jonathan Blackbow

	Everything the instructor learned playing the game.

Trial by Combat (1 hour) - Stephan of Cambion

	The form and purpose of trial by combat and why it may still be legal in some states.


Heraldic Art for the Non-artists - Alanna of Volchevo Lesa

	Learn how to construct a recognizable device submission by breaking it down into simple geometric shapes.  A set of templates is available from the instructor for $5, but is not required to attend the class.

Silk Ribbons (1 hour) - Tangwystl ferch Dafydd

	A basic history of silk ribbons with examples of their use in period, including some documentation on the silk guilds in England.

History of Knitting (1 hour) - Caemfind ignen Cobthaigh

	Come explore a basic timeline of period knitting and its applications.  There will be a few reproductions from Richard Rutt's History of Knitting for students to examine.

Ropes, Useful Knots, and Splicing (1 hour) - Reynard de la Rochefocald

	What to tie with and how to tie it, especially on period pavilions.

Bardic Songs for Jocks (1 hour) - Bryce de Byrum and Niall MacFarlane

	Suitable period songs for those who specialize in the martial arts.

An Introduction to Reading Music (1 hour) - Sionan MacCrimmon

	The basics of music theory (modern) consisting of a little rhythm and a little pitch.

Autocrating 101 (1 hour) - Terafan Greydragon and Thomas Smyth of Ayr		Handout fee:  $2

	The instructors will teach the fine art of having fun as an autocrat based upon their own extensive experience.  The class will cover techniques of organization from start to finish, including initial planning, establishing and keeping a budget, determining costs, keeping feasts in budget, and how to put it all together.  The handout will be an autocrat's handbook.  Quantities will be limited based on preregistration.

Construction of the Thumper (1 hour) - Jonathan Blackbow

	Making a combat archery golf club tube arrow that files straight and hits hard enough to notice.

Food and Law (1 hour) - Igor Medved

	Growing, preparing, and selling food has long been under the control of laws.  Learn why and how governments have restricted this activity.

Principally Speaking (1 hour) - Deirdre O'Siodhachain, moderator

	Some of the principals of the Atlantian orders of merit and the peerage orders will form a panel to discuss and answer questions about how the orders.

In The Town:

The Painted Tapestry Workshop (all day) - Celynen of Stow-on-the-Wold, Earnwyn von Zwaluwenberg, Dafydd ap Gwystl, Isobel Gildingwater

	The making of a painted tapestry.  The first hour will be devoted to a lecture on the subject of tapestry use, construction, period style, and painting techniques.  The rest of the day will be spent doing hands-on painting of the tapestry.   Students are advised to bring a smock to protect their clothing.   All materials will be provided and there is no fee.  The end product will be auctioned off to support The Oak, probably at Emerald Joust.

Making Wound Glass Beads (as listed) - Caitlin Cheannlaidir

	A hands-on class of the lampworking technique for making wound glass beads like those found throughout the Middle Ages.  Using lampworking one can duplicate almost any type of wound bead.  There is a $6 material fee, although the instructor will waive it for the impoverished.

	This class will have two 1-hour demonstrations at 10:00 and 1:30.  Students are required to attend one or the other, and then may then sign up for a half-hour semi-private session (she has enough lampworking equipment for two students at a time).

Making Chains (1/2 day) - Marsali Fox

	How to make chains for jewelry for beginners with instruction for more advance students. (half day session).

Heraldic Consulting Table (all day)  - Tiarna Aodhan Doilfin

	This area is intended for individuals to have a chance to speak with a herald regarding registering names and devices.  This is not a class and no registration is necessary, nor will class credit be given for attending.

Calligraphy and Illumination Room (all day) -  As staffed

	This area is intended for casual instruction and discussion of calligraphy and illumination.  Individuals may also make inquiries about the statues of a scroll from the Clerk Signet.  This is not a class and no registration is necessary, nor will class credit be given for attending.