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Re: disc: ONE Peerage, Different Orders, or No Order

Poster: homan@nando.net (Fred Homan)

Lance Harrop wrote the following:
> I see from the addresses above that I am speaking to both fair Atlantia 
> and noble East,

You know, I just noticed that as well.  Hail to the gentles from the East,
my childhood home!

> We could allow the Orders to make worthy candidates members without first 
> having them be peers.

Hey!  Great idea!  One I wholeheartedly support as well.  Particularly if
their members are knights (in the proper historical usage, not the SCA
styling).  It makes sense and would open up the Orders to being less
mysterious and such to those who are not in them.  It would be a great
way to increase interest in the pursuits of the Orders and yet still
keep a goal to strive for as a greater reward, that of being a Peer of
the Realms.

In fact, my only comment disagreeing with you is that only fighters would
have knights.  I see no reason in history why we could not have artistic
knights and service knights (A good reason for knighthood in period, no?)
and scientific knights and the like.  It might be stretching it some to
achieve equality, but I do not see the great harm in this as opposed to
the current system.

Aedric the Green					IKA Fred Op
House Howling Mouse					homan@nando.net
Canton of Elvegast, Windmaster's Hill, Atlantia		Raleigh, NC
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