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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com

In a message dated 96-11-24 13:40:19 EST, homan@nando.net (Fred Homan)

>True, true.  But smoking is as addictive as heroin.  I don't know of any
>smokers who can restrain themselves for as long as an event.  It would be
>nice if they could, but I don't see how it will happen.

Yes, but I don't believe anyone was asking them to restrain themselves for
the event. I believe the law (and most of the discussion) only asked them to
move out of the public areas of an event. I just don't understand the anger
of smokers who are simply being asked to move it into a designated area.
Sites can be designated as DRY and alcoholics will have to go out to thier
cars or off site to drink. Why is that different than asking smokers to go
out to the parking lot or off site to smoke?

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