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Re: Smoking and Law

Poster: homan@nando.net (Fred Homan)

Rcardiff@aol.com wrote the following:
> move out of the public areas of an event. I just don't understand the anger
> of smokers who are simply being asked to move it into a designated area.

I can agree with that.  I don't understand the anger, either.  Apparently
to some any perceived attack upon their freedom to smoke anywhere is a
prelude to banning smoking completely.  Or, perhaps some mistakenly believe
that they *should* be able to smoke anywhere/anytime.

> Sites can be designated as DRY and alcoholics will have to go out to thier
> cars or off site to drink. Why is that different than asking smokers to go
> out to the parking lot or off site to smoke?

Well, I am not of the school who would define all those who ever drink
alcohol as alcoholics, but the analogy is appropriate.  I do wonder what
would happen if there were an event held at a site that was smoke-free...

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