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Re: Modern Personal Conveniences

Poster: WzrdKing@aol.com

Milord Edward,
    You wrote:
I have said many times before, and will continue to say: THIS IS A GAME.
(Deletion) The SCA was _NOT_ founded on the 
principles of TRUE MEDIEVAL RECREATION.  It was based on trying to embody
those ideals (honour, chivalry, courtesy) and ceremonies which are _worth_

     All that I can say in reply is thank you! thank you! thank you! It is a
game that seems to be troubled by the same "My way or get away," mentality
which has swept this country, and it truly saddens me. I wish that I had been
able to cross the continent in 1967 and join the SCA when everyone still
agreed that it was supposed to be fun. I first read about it in 1971, (my
father sent me a newspaper article while I was away at college,) but try as I
might, I could find no way to get anybody's address to join. Ahh well, I was
late getting into the Beatles too, I finally grew to appreciate them bigtime
in 68 and by 69 they were gone. Maybe such is my lot in life...
     Yrs in gratitude,
        Liuther map Conan
PS, I for one would gladly bring back hobbits in exchange for removing the
authenticity police. I'd rather not have hobbits mind you, but I think on the
whole they tended to be more agreeable to be around.
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