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Re: Modern Personal Conveniences

Poster: steele@sprynet.com

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, "Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini" <hjurand@awod.com> wrote:

>                    Esclarmonde brings up a valid point...now my question
>to you, good denizens of Cheapside, is what is considered "reasonably
>                Gabriella
 Cher Gabriella, this point is much debated among those involved in studying tax 
law and likely cannot be answered by those sources. My suggestion was that the 
BoD explain the situation to the members and offer the options of (1) opting out 
of federal tax exempt status entirely with some nasty short term effects on the 
bank balance; (2) become a tax exempt social club which would require, 
unfortuantely, universal membership but get rid of the authenticity requirement. 
We could play the game any way we pleased so long as everyone at events were 
members or (3) solicit a greater level of accuracy.

  If we took as a touchstone an attempt to be accurate within say 3 hours 
reseach in a university library unless otherwise required by safety or 
unreasonable cost. Thus glasses ok because otherwise unsafe and peroid replicas 
just too expensive. Ditto fencing masks, duct tape, etc.
  Three hours effort means we don't get too irked at mismatched trim or food or 
names, but do complain about lycra spandex and visible pop tarts.
  As to the great and grand unhistorical customs like crown tournament, certain 
titles, etc., we can either use the tax law as an excuse for a top to bottom 
revolution, or just have pronouced disclaimers as part of the Crown tournament 
announcemnts that this is not historical but chosen because [fill in reason].
  Make the incentives more to be accurate and consistent or at least plausible. 
More attention to A&S, more Universities, and so on.

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