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Re: Modern Personal Conveniences

Poster: "Gabriella di Lorenzo Fiorentini" <hjurand@awod.com>

> >Milord Edward,
> >    You wrote:
> >I have said many times before, and will continue to say: THIS IS A
> >(Deletion) The SCA was _NOT_ founded on the 
> >principles of TRUE MEDIEVAL RECREATION.  It was based on trying to
> >those ideals (honour, chivalry, courtesy) and ceremonies which are
> >recreating.
> >
>   However, we continue to represent ourselves to the IRS, under the
pains and 
> penalties of perjury, as a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational
organization. See 
> my opinion letter available on the web for details. The BoD got an
outside law 
> firm to research the issue, but did not get an answer on whether our
> as opposed to our paperwork, complies with the law.
>   I will continue to assert that we are and must be an educational, and
> reasonablly accurate, organization until we give up or change the
> tax-exempt status.
>   -- Esclarmonde
                    Esclarmonde brings up a valid point...now my question
to you, good denizens of Cheapside, is what is considered "reasonably
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