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Re: Modern Personal Conveniences

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Lady Esclarmonde,

>   I haven't found documentation for a double-elim tournament, but I have heard 
> folks assert on Rialto that it must be historical. Why? Because that's the way 
> we do it and someone must have researched it once. IMHO we could make a better 
> attempt to be historical, and explain the few things we must conceed to 
> convenience, safety, or fun. 
Once again, then, we have a case of people using the Society as a primary 
source on the middle ages.  Much as we might like to crow about our 
accuracy, I doubt we deserve this status.

And if you think the authorities of the Society claim to the Government 
of the United States of America that we are a primary source for research 
of the Middle Ages, you have every excuse to be worried about our 
tax-exempt status.

In Service
Leifr Johansson
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