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Re: Modern Personal Conveniences

Poster: Lance Harrop <lharrop@mrj.com>

Lady Esclarmonde writes, in part:

>   My concern is the folks, often newcomers, who can't tell the difference 
> between conveient, fantasy, and historical, get them all confused, and then are 
> adamant that what they saw at some fight-n-feast IS historical despite any 
> efforts to explain otherwise.

Ah, but then the problem is the Scadian arrogance of claiming that we 
have achieved accuracy, and the what you see at an event is historical.  
If we would stop telling newbies that Scadian events are primary sources, 
and maybe invite them to read a book now and then, you wouldn't have this 
concern ;-) ???????


p.s., I'm glad you think virtue is also important, but I have to believe 
that demonstrations of courtesy linger in the mind longer then the image 
of a perfect Tudor gown.
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