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Poster: Rcardiff@aol.com

Oops!Wrong info.  What you are eating with your turkey is Vaccinium not
Viburnum. Different plant alltogether. The info i gave you on Viburnum was
correct, but it is not the cranberry you were probobly thinking of. Vaccinium
species are native to North America, but I can't discover right now if they
are known in Europe. My Lord Brok thinks that the Scandanavians might have
them, but I think that might be the Cranberry liqour mentioned before as
being made of Viburnum (related by the way to the black haw and makes an
excellent ink or dye). Anyone with Scandanavian books around, please see if
you can find a reference WITH LATIN NAME.

Let this be a warning to always check latin names. Sometimes similar looking
plants carry similar names, but not similar properties. Always something to
remember with medicials and culinaries alike.

I'll repost when I find an answer.

Miriam E
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