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Re: Female Fighters

Poster: jghent@vt.edu (James Ghent)

>Poster: stephancm@juno.com (Peter H Clarke)
>As I calculate it, Caer Mear, at this time, has 7 authorized lady
>fighters.  With a few more in training.  Is there another barony with so
>many lady fighters?  It would be interesting to note exactly how large
>the group of lady fighters is in Atlantia.
>I think it is great to have so large a number of lady fighters in our
Black Diamond currently has one authorized female archer, and one female
fighter, that I can think of.  However I know about half a dozen other
ladies who are seriously making an effort to become authorized, especially
in our Incipient College of Marshall Keep, and Incipient Canton Cwmnewydd.
James Ghent
Ragnar Reinulf

If you know a friend you can fully trust,
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grass and brambles grow quickly
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                           - Havamal

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