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Re: First-time Autocrat

Poster: CORVUS2@aol.com

In a message dated 96-12-04 11:29:30 EST, you write:

<< I will be autocratting my very first event this coming May.  It will be a
 Baronial Level event.  I don't have to say that I'm very scared. 
 I feel, however, that I won't make a mess of it.
 And just to make sure that I don't make a complete mess of it, does anyone
 any pointers to give me?  They would be very appreciated. I never pass up
 advice, especially when it's good!


The very _first_ thing you should do is contact Her Excellency and see what
she wants for the event.  Then contact the baronial officers for martial
activities, m.o.l., heraldry and a&s as each has the authority and
responsibility over those activities at the event.  After that, if you have
any questions, contact other experienced autocrats in the Barony and get tips
from them.  Every group runs their events differently and Sacred Stone is no
exception.  We have a different way of handling things from say, Nottinghill
Coill or Ponte Alto (just examples, guys, not slams), and what advise you
might get from outside Sacred Stone may not work for your event.

I have autocratted several successful baronial Stone events and would be
happy to answer any specific questions you might have.  Remember also, that
Bran is Sacred Stone's seneschal and has autocratted over 50 events,
including Pennsic.  If you want advise, that's a great place to get it.


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