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Re: $17 meridies events

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu>

> Poster: Genie Powell <genie@vt.edu>
> > The only big item of sticker shock is that it costs $8 extra if
> >you pay at the door. Those prices (except for the non-member surcharge
> This actually is somewhat of a necessary evil from what I've heard.  In
> Meridies (Southdowns, to be specific) they have to reserve and put cash down
> for  their sites a year in advance.  All of the sites around there are like
> that.  So you could imagine the havoc if you get those "definite maybe's"
> from everyone in Kingdom...

Actually, that $8 is purely punitive in most cases.  If I am going
off-board to your event, there is no difference to you if I pay at the
door or send a check two weeks in advance other than you now know I am
coming :).  Most site require an arbitrary down payment up front and then
the remainder is either also an arbitrary amount or based on the number of
poeple who actually showed up.  In either of these two senarios where is
the need to charge extra at the door?

Notice that I said off-board in my example.  It is bad manners to expect
anyone to feed you on no notice.  The food has to be bought in advance and
by the time you arrive much of it may have been cooked already.  I am all
for no at-the-door on board spaces except to fill cancellations or if it
turns out there will be a little more food than planned, etc.

As for Meridian events, I have rarely been charged so much for so little.
I go to Gulf Wars every year and have paid between $18 and $25 to camp in
a slightly drained Mississippi swamp with no feast and very limited
sanitation.  But, this is the way they do things.  Talking to some people
from there indicated to me that is was not uncommon for events to run into
the $20 range.  They also said that the directions to their sites tended
to be wrong more often than not and usually only served as a starting
point to get you in the area.

So, be thankful our friends don't gouge us (or, as much) at the door and
that you usually find the site with no problems, not everyone is this

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