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Re: $17 meridies events

Poster: Genie Powell <genie@vt.edu>

> The only big item of sticker shock is that it costs $8 extra if
>you pay at the door. Those prices (except for the non-member surcharge
>and the huge pay-late penalty) are pretty similar to what you pay in
>Atlantia for an improved site.
>Gregory Blount

This actually is somewhat of a necessary evil from what I've heard.  In
Meridies (Southdowns, to be specific) they have to reserve and put cash down
for  their sites a year in advance.  All of the sites around there are like
that.  So you could imagine the havoc if you get those "definite maybe's"
from everyone in Kingdom...
At least that's what I've heard.

See some of you at Unevent.
Isabel d'Avignon

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