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Poster: Janet Toney/Terry Neill <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>

Bryce de Byram made several points about the cost of events and making or not
making money on them.

(I hate Compuserve's lack of copying replies!)

I agree that there are times when a group may deliberately spend more money than
an event brings in.  But this should be a *deliberate* decision, not an

IMO, groups exist to put on events and provide a structure for us to enjoy our
hobby.  Groups that consistently spend more on events than they bring in may be
doing a disservice to the members in their area.  (note the 'may')

As for making a profit on an event, I disagree that this is wrong.  What a group
should do (again, IMO) is provide *value* for your money.

Emerald this year cost $19 if you arrived on Friday and ate both feasts.  That
included breakfast on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  *Everyone*
who attended Emerald was entitled to two breakfasts and a lunch as part of their
site fee, even if they didn't pay the feast fee.

This is value for money spent, I think you'll agree.  And, yes, we made a
profit.  But I don't think we gouged anyone.

I agree about the expensive events, though  There was an event not long before
EJ that cost $15 or $16 for one day with one feast and no lunch.  That's only 3
or 4 dollars less than a three-day event with five meals!  Was the site fee that
much more?  Is food more expensive outside Richmond?

What are site fees like in other areas?  How much to rent a hall for 200 people
with a kitchen and a lawn?

(Warning:  Heresy ahead!  ;)

Does an event *have* to have a feast?  Would it work to have events in sites
that allowed for great tourneys but no feast?  Great Dancing and A&S but no

In service, 

	- Anarra

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