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Re: Events/money/profit/etc

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu>

> Does an event *have* to have a feast?  Would it work to have events in sites
> that allowed for great tourneys but no feast?  Great Dancing and A&S but no
> kitchen?

Wew, Anarra hits it on the head here.  This is something I feel pretty
stongly about myself.  Too many groups spread themselves too thin by
trying to be everything to everybody.  "Gee, we need to have a heavy
tourney, some rapier, an A&S display/contest, archery and a 5 course feast
followed by a dancing contest."  That is a tall order for even a big group
with lots of experience.  The result is that while most of it happens,
none of it is done well, or as well as it could be.  Groups, especially
small to medium sized groups might consider a non 'full-service' event.
Pick one or two things that you want to do at your event and spend your
energy (and your groups energy) making it come out spiff.

Yes, fewer people will come to your event but, is that a crime?  If you
scale your expenses and expectations appropriately, your group will not
suffer from having 80 people instead of 150.  It seems to me that some of
the best events I have attended were the smaller local-type events.  And,
I have travelled 6 or 7 hours to go to these events just becuase they
sounded worth going to.  At smaller events you can get a chance to meet or
talk to people you heven't meet before.  There is less pressure from
having to hurry up and pack your stuff because this field is need for
something else that was supposed to start 10 minutes ago, etc.

So, autocrats, slow down, relax and pick a couple of things to do well
rather than trying to please eveyone.

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