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Re: Events/money/profit/etc

Poster: Matthew Allen Newsome <mnewsome@warren-wilson.edu>

> Poster: Janet Toney/Terry Neill <71035.3227@CompuServe.COM>
> Does an event *have* to have a feast?  Would it work to have events in sites
> that allowed for great tourneys but no feast?  Great Dancing and A&S but no
> kitchen?
> In service, 
> 	- Anarra

I have been to events where no kitchen was available, and instead 
everyone was asked to bring a potluck dish.  Granted, these events were 
usually small, and they are rare, but I think everyone enjoyed them.
Even at events with feasts I often cannot get on board and wind up 
foraging for food elsewhere anyway.  Often this is in the form of a 
household potluck.  I suspect others do the same with frequency.  So an 
event with no feast is possible.  I just wouldn't make it a regularity.
Feast time provides much of the atmosphere and company at an event.  (But 
the same can be said for tourneys, merchant areas, and just about any 
otehr activity, as well, and no one is suggesting you have to have 
everything at every event.)

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